Trivia Night

It has been called the “Superbowl of Trivia Nights” and rightly so! Our pride and joy trivia night happens every Tuesday night at 8 pm. We have partnered with some of the most loyal and generous sponsors to provide over the top competition of wits with fantastic rewards. Giving away $1000 in cash prizes to our top 2 teams and over $1200 in raffle prizes and gift cards every week to those having an off night on the scorecards. No entry fee with a venue big enough to host more than 50 teams, it has to be the most competitive trivia in town. The rules are simple, the questions are not… 7 rounds of at least 7 questions, general trivia, pop culture, sports, and music you will run into for sure, for the rest of the rounds… anything goes! Pick whatever team name you like, and we keep it old fashioned, answers are written on scratch paper we provide that you turn in at the end of each round. Teams are limited up to 8 players max, and every participant in here gets a raffle ticket. Win or lose, there is plenty of booze with regular and rotating beer pitcher specials!! The seating is competitive, we normally fill up around 7:15 pm, and encourage all players to try and arrive by then!

We have more regular weekly participating trivia teams than any other trivia in Chicago. So in the summer of 2019, we decided to take trivia to an entirely new level hosting the first annual STATE Trivia Masters. We invited 40+ of our regular teams to compete in the hardest trivia night we have ever conducted. Part game show part trivia it was a competition that was second to none in complexity. It was such a hit we adopted the PGA tour concept of hosting 4 majors each year.

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